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Subh Labh Yantra ( Mantra Healed )
Mantra Healed by Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji at www.ShaniDev.Us
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Mantra Healed Subh Labh Yantra should be kept and worshipped by every Businessmen or Shop Keepers in their offices or shops to increase their sales. Subh Labh Yantra opens the doors of your destiny and blesses you with happiness and prosperity. Mantra Healed Subh labh Yantra is best to install on Deepawali in temple of your house / work place for good luck in business, fame, wealth and increase in income & profits.

Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji at Siddh Shani Peeth, New Delhi, INDIA, provides Mantra Healed Yantras that are Properly Energized and Mantra Healed (Pran Pratishta) at Proper Mahurats with Vedic Mantras Specially with your Name and Gotra.
6 x 6 Inches Gold Plated Yantra Cost : US$ 105
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