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World Famous Shani Temple of His Holiness Guru Rajneesh Rishi
N. Delhi, INDIA, Ph : 011 - 45051710, E-mail -
All funds are being used in Religious - Spiritual functions and Public welfare
Guru Maa Rokmani
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World Famous For Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Amrit Varsha
Pravachan - Satsang Videos
Invite Guru Maa Rokmani For Satsang & Pravachan
In Your Own City & Country with Guru Rajneesh Rishi

We are Pleased to announce that we are Accepting Online Booking for "Satsang & Pravachan " of "Guru Maa Rokmani" for True Devotees of Lord Krishna and Lord Shani Dev in Your City / Country / Temples / Religious & Charitable Trusts / Organizations / Societies / Individuals to Provide " Essence from Vedic Hindu Mythology " with Lord Shanidev Blessings through " Divine Shani Crown " by Guru Rajneesh Rishi. Same "Divine Crown" of Lord Shani Dev, which is being Used to Bless Millions of Shani Devotees of all over the World to Provide Blessings for Shani Sade Sati, Shani Dhaiyya & Shani Grah Dosha etc., alongwith Guru Rajneesh Rishi himself, so that Maximum Numbers of People could be Blessed by "Satsang - Pravachan & Divine Crown of Lord Shani Dev" in your City / Country anywhere on Globe.

Therefore You can Invite " Guru Rajneesh Rishi & Guru Maa Rokmani " in Your Own City / Country to Bless You at Your Native City to Bless You, Your Family, Relatives and Friends in Your City.

Who Can Invite Guru Ji & Guru Maa Rokmani in his Own City / Country :-

  • If you are a Post Bearing Member of a Religious Group Anywhere in the World OR If You are a Post Bearing Member of a Temple / Religious Society / Organization / Individuals Anywhere in the World.
  • If You can arrange a Good Public Gathering within a Religious Event of "Satsang - Pravachan & Divine Crown of Lord Shani Dev"
  • If You Can arrange To and Fro Air / Train Tickets For Visit of Guru Ji, Guru Maa and Air / Train Tickets for their Team of 7 - 9 members.
  • If You Can Provide Proper arrangements to Stay in a Reputed Hotel Available in City For Guru Ji, Guru Maa and Good Hotel / Accommodations for their entire Team of 7 - 9 members with Proper Meals etc.
  • If You Can run Advertisements For Visit of Guru Maa & Guru Ji through different Media i.e. Posters, Hordings, Banners, Invitation Cards, Radio, Tv Channels with Cable Tv etc Regarding Your Program.

Procedure to Invite Guru Ji ?

  • Once You Request Guruji through Following Form to visit Your City with Guru Maa, We will Confirm You available Dates and other Arrangements for the Visit of Guru Ji.
Call Guruji For Booking Only - Mob - 09818144257
For " Sasang & Pravachan " in Your City / Country
Your Full Name
You are from an Organization/ Individual ?
Your Mobile No.
Your E-mail Address / Website (If any)
Complete Detail of your Event like Date, Venue and Purpose etc.
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Special Vedic Worship for Dosha / Problems & Yajna
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Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Booking of Maa Rokmani
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