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Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji
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Guru Maa Rokmani Ji
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Special Tantrik Yagya
To win over Enemies & Court Case
Special Tantrik Puja & Yagna in Person or Online

During a Tantrik Puja we commune with the divine and take an initiation toward deeper aspects of inner and outer peace. Through the various rituals we connect with the inner, astral planets to realize more of the connection between the planets and matter and the five tattwas. The literal meaning of "tantra" is to expand, to transform, to weave our consciousness which is ready for a  deeper understanding. Puja means ritual worship, offerings and  communion with God. To embrace a path of more direct awareness, and in a ritualistic way, commit to self realization. In sanatan dharma we honor the navagrahas and their presiding deities whose blessings and benevolence we seek through the Tantrik Pujas.

Offer Special Tantrik Puja & Yagna in Person / Online Sitting at Home
  • After receiving your Request along with the Special Puja Payment, we E-mail you the best Available Date available with Us for You Yagna.
  • After Finalizing the Date, we arrange Special Vedic Puja / Yagya As per requirement in your presence or with your Big Photograph (19 x 13 inches).
  • Special Puja + Yagya will be done on Your behalf with Your Name, Gotra, Place Details etc. in the Guidance of Guru Rajneesh Rishi by Guru Maa Rokmani Ji to Remove all Your Problems & Malefic Effects of Badly Placed Planets in Your Horoscope and to fulfil your Desires.
Holy Items you Receive after Your Special Puja ?
After Performing Your Special Puja & Yajna, we will Send Following Holy Items at Your Door any where in the world by Registered Parcel Post.
  • 11 Different Photographs of Your Puja - Homam or Yagya at your e-mail having original stamps of time and dates on photgraphs.
  • One Photo of Main Devta ( Deitie ) and Guru Rajneesh Rishi Healed and worshiped in Your Puja & Yagya.
  • Prashad of Your Own Puja ( Only to Indian Residents due to Overseas Law).
  • Possible Prashad of Your Own Puja ( Subject to the Shipping Law ).
  • Vibhuti : Your Own Havan Holy Ash for Your Tilak For 108 Days ( Subject to the Shipping Law ).
  • Mantra Healed 5 Shani Rings, Nazar Kavach Set and Shani Raksha Kavach.
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Special Tantrik Puja & Yagya Can be Performed at ~ Shani Peeth
Name Duration Cost in Rs. Cost in US$
Special Puja & Yagna 1 Day As per Purpose As per Purpose
43 Days Special Puja & Last Day Yajna for Your Problems 43 Days As per Purpose As per Purpose
All under the Guidance of world Famous Guru Rajneesh Rishi
Request to Perform Special Tantrik Puja & Yagya Now
Your Full Name
Date of Birth, Time with AM / PM Place of Birth, District & Country
Gotra For Puja
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Your Present Location
Puja & Yagya For 1 Day / 43 Days
Your Complete Address for Receive Prasad, Yantra& CD etc.
Your Mobile No.
Your E-mail Address
Mode of Payment
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Special Vedic Worship for Dosha / Problems & Yajna
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Request Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji to Organise Vedic Puja & Yagna as per your Horoscope ... Request Now »
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Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Amrit Gyan Yagya by Pujya Guru Maa Rokmani Ji. For Booking ... Request Now »
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